Saturday, April 26, 2008


 Okay, so it's not the con report, exactly.  I haven't had time to load the photos.  In the meantime, here's a Skrull!  Skrulls are all the rage right now, with Marvel's Secret Invasion coming out.
 Anyone ever notice that the Skrulls that initially appeared in FF #2 were a lot less impressive than later versions?  This Skrull is more along those lines than the later versions that appeared.  My theory is that the Skrull throneworld thot that Earth would be easy pickings and so sent loser Skrulls.  This could have spun into a sort of Sgt. Frog direction, I suppose.
 Might be fun to explore a comedy series with these guys, but I won't even bother to propose that to Marvel.


brian said...

GREAT WORK,DAVE....i wasn't buying comics when FF#2 came out (i was 3!)....but neal adams AVENGERS KREE-SKRULL issues #'s 93-97 made a huge impact on me,as well as JIM starlin's drawings of skrulls in captain marvell!,brian postman

dave166 said...

I didn't buy FF #2 either. I got the reprint in the late 60s. I was only 6 yrs. old when FF #2 came out. Still on the Harvey stuff, with the occasional Superman.