Sunday, April 27, 2008

Con Report, Part 1

 Friday, 18 April 2008.  First familiar faces I ran into at  the con were Pauline Weiss and Alan Kupperberg, who were with Mary Skrenes and Paul Levitz (in order, l-r, above.  Mary was in for the Steve Gerber Memorial.
 Earlier, before the con opened to the general public at 3:00, I got to spend some quality time with my own personal art hero, Jim Steranko.  No photo, but he was looking well and (as usual) well-dressed.  There will be a new Steranko art book out this year and you can be sure I'll be ordering it, since it promises to be fairly definitive.
 Saw Joe Rubinstein and finally got to give him the pages from the Danger's Dozen back-up story I pencilled.  That's Joe above with the chrome dome.  Joe had to leave early for Passover, so Gerry Acerno and I got to use his table.  I sold a sketch or two.  Speaking of chrome domes, I don't have much left to work with myself.  Plus I look like I've had way too much coffee.  That's me and Gerry at the top.
 Afterwards, I went home via my old neighborhood, Greenwich Village, to catch the PATH train back to New Jersey.  I expect my exile to end this year, and if things go as planned I should be able to move back into Manhattan this year.
 Next--Con Report Part 2!

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