Friday, December 5, 2008


  I've been getting caught up on my fan commissions lately.  This one is of Bishi, monkey-girl Green Lantern of sector 312.  I'm told she appeared in some big event book from DC and only lasted about three pages before she was killed.  Ah, Bishi, we hardly knew ye.
  The client provided me with the green paper.  It's a special stash he has.  On my first pass, I messed up the drawing but he'd only sent me one sheet of it.  I told him about it and asked if he could send another sheet of green paper, but he was out.  I searched paper stores in New York, where you can find just about any sort of paper, but could not find an exact match for this--it's acid-free, too.
 He finally got some more paper and sent it to me, along with a back-up sheet in case I had another accident.  As you may already have supposed, he has a collection of the Green Lantern Corps, all on this green paper.

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