Friday, November 28, 2008

Drawing aids

  Here's something that helped tremendously in drawing Army of Darkness--the Ash action figure from Mc Farlane toys!  I used it mainly for figuring out how his chest harness wraps around his body and detail on the chainsaw.  I also used it when drawing a 3/4 back view of Ash.
 Toys are great for this sort of thing.  All those details that perhaps don't quite come together from looking at a movie still (which I downloaded plenty of) or looking at the comic, where you may be perpetuating someone else's error.
 For those interested in the toy as a toy I have to say that it has very few points of articulation.  Nice collectable, tho, and as I said, made a wonderful drawing aid for the project.  I have since managed to break the blade off the chainsaw (oops!)
 As for the skull behind Ash, every artist should have one of these.  Very useful.

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